Banking and Finance law is truly the cornerstone of the business of the company, distinguishing BLC from any other legal practice in Georgia. BLC has provided extensive counseling and representation to international and local banks and financial institutions in the process of their registration, acquisition of the license, mergers and acquisition of shares, complex financing deals, securities and pledges, legal analysis and due diligence studies.


Through its practice, BLC has been appointed as a counsel in Micro-Finance Development Sector Project, where the company conducted assessment of legal and institutional framework, issued recommendations and developed proposals to the government of Georgia with respect to the micro-finance legislation of Georgia. BLC provided advice and counseling to the banks of Georgia with respect to joint efforts on tracking credit histories of their clients. BLC has been engaged as a counsel in joint EBRD/IFC investment projects involving loan and equity investments in Georgian entities; Georgian Regional Development Fund, foreign and local banks and their counterparties in various transactions, financing deals, elaboration and implementation of complex financial schemes.






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