The major principles recognized by the procedural laws of Georgia, by which the Judiciary is guided are legality, equality of parties and adversarial system, as well as impartiality of justice. Judicial power is exercised by two separate court branches: The Constitutional Court and Common Courts of Georgia. The judiciary is independent and exercised exclusively by courts. 

The Constitutional Court of Georgia is the judicial body exercising constitutional review; it is aimed at protecting the constitutional order from violations, protection of human rights and freedoms, recognized and guaranteed by the Constitution. 

The Common Courts of Georgia consist of three stages: 

District and City Courts;

Court of Appeals;

Court of Cassation (Supreme Court). 

While the District Courts and Courts of Appeal consider the claim with first and second instances respectively, the Supreme Court of Georgia is the court of the highest and final instance for administration of justice in Georgia. It supervises administration of justice at common courts of Georgia and supports introduction of unified interpretation of law and establishment of common judicial practice.



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